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ZooBoo at COMO!

Celebrate Halloween without the fright and support Como Park Zoo & Conservatory at ZooBoo. This magical five night event offers families a safe trick-or-treating alternative plus many Halloween surprises such as animal visitors, live entertainment and craft projects.
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Craft Project - SHAKE & SEEK BOTTLE

Grab an empty bottle and play this fun new kind of hide and seek!



  • 1 clean, empty plastic bottle with the label removed
  • Glue
  • 1 bag of uncooked rice
  • Multiple small objects and toys able to fit through the opening of the bottle


Fill the bottle half way with uncooked rice. Use a funnel to help.

Collect small toys or objects that your Sproutlet can spot in the bottle (a button, dice, a crayon piece, etc). Place the objects inside the bottle.

Continue to fill the bottle with more rice until it is about three-fourths of the way full.

Glue the cap onto the bottle to ensure that nothing escapes.

Shake the bottle and discover what kinds of hidden objects can be found!



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