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Craft Project - Heart Kite

Ages School-Age with Parent Help
‘Love is in the air’ a heart shaped kite. The perfect craft for mother's day! We HEART flying!

  • basket cane (Sides 27" and the cross brace 16″x12″)
  • tissue paper in red and Pink
  • yarn or twine (for your kite string)
  • stick or scrap wood
  • ribbon for tail about 44″
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • tape

6. Flip over and repeat steps 3-5 on the other side.
7. To make fringe cut your folded tissue paper into 5cm (2″) wide strips
8. Cut fringing about 1cm (0.5″) wide, making sure not to cut all the way through.
9. working from outside, paste on fringe rows, alternating between pink and red rows until the whole surface is covered.

10. To add string. Feel through the tissue for the frame cross brace. About 10cm(4″) from top, poke a little hole and tie one end of a 30cm (12″) length of yarn of twine to the vertical brace. Tie the other end of the yarn about 2/3 of the way down the brace.
11. Tie off your long yarn/twine to the middle of the string you have tied to the frame.
12. Wind your long twine to a stick (I’ve used and old piece of wooden picnic cutlery)

13. Add your tail (not pictured).
Time to take it out for a spin!

For more information and tips, check out this craft and more at

Helpful Tip:

It’s quite sturdy and survived a few crashes. Can be hung on the kitchen wall as a decorative piece and it will make you smile every day.
Why not make one for someone you heart?


Finished size without tail 45x38cm (18″x15″)
1. If required strip off any leaves from your cane/stems using a craft knife. This should leave you with some strong but flexible sticks to make the frame of your kite with.
2. This part is a bit tricky. Bend your bits of cane to form a heart shape. Tape where indicated. Cut two shorter lengths to form a cross brace and tape them in place to keep your heart shape rigid. Tie the cross in the center. Try to get the shape as symmetrical as possible (mine is a little wonky).
3. Lay your frame over a sheet of red tissue paper and trim away excess paper.
4. Clip around curves
5. Fold edges over frame and paste with glue stick.








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