como Town Gazette - January 2014

Como Town Photo Contest

FeatureEnter the Como Town Photo Contest!  Send us your photo from your trip to Como Town for a chance to win two unlimited ride wristbands for the 2014 season! We will be posting your photos to Facebook on January 27, where the winner will be decided by the fans.

To Enter:
1. Go to our Facebook page and become a fan

2. Post your photo, with a clever caption, to our Facebook wall (be creative!). Alternatively, send your photo to with the subject: Como Town Photo Contest. Please include a name, phone number and caption for the photo in your email

3. On January 27 go to Facebook and vote for your favorite photo by liking it; share with your friends to become a fan and like your photo

4. The photo with the most likes at 3 p.m. on January 31 will be chosen the winner!

We look forward to all of your entries. Good Luck!

Craft Project - Easy Weave Newsprint Basket


    • Scissors
    • Newspaper
    • Transparent tape
    • Paper towel roll
    • Rubber band

3. Center the strips on the paper towel roll, then fold them down and use a rubber band to secure them, as shown.

4. Starting at the base of the basket, tuck a folded strip under one paper rib and secure it with tape. Begin weaving around the form, pulling tightly as you go. Tape the end in place. Continue adding strips in this way to achieve the desired height, leaving about 1 1/2 inches unwoven at the top.

5. Remove the rubber band and take the basket off the paper towel roll. Fold the raw edges inside the basket and tape them down.

For more information and tips, check out this craft and more at

This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine


1. Cut newspaper into 5-1/4- by 21-1/2-inch strips. Fold each strip lengthwise to about an inch wide. We used 3/4-inch strips for the short basket, 1-1/2-inch strips for the taller ones.

2. To make the basket's base, lay two strips in the shape of a plus sign and tape them together. (Tip: For taller containers, double the length of each base strip by taping two strips together.) Add four crosspieces to form an asterisk, as shown, taping after each.




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